Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jewelry Holder Tutorial

So here is the jewelry holder that I made when I was a teenager and still riding horses competitively. Follow these simple instructions to create self-standing jewelry holder custom to your needs from scraps of 1/4" and 1/2-3/4" wood and teacup hooks.
Woodworking tools are required here: Jig saw/ scroll saw, table saw, sandpaper, wood glue, pliers, drill gun
1. Trace your image onto the wood using a heavy pencil or marker.
2. Use jigsaw or scroll saw to cut out your design
3. Sand down all edges with sandpaper.
4. For the base, take a scrap of 1/2" wood that is as wide as your image. Using a table saw with the blade on a very low setting, run the wood through, creating a well the entire length of the board that is as wide as your image. Your image should sit perfectly in the well, with a little support of wood glue.
5. Paint any desired color.
6. Create a layout for your teacup hooks. I liked mine at varying heights to accomodate necklaces of all sizes and bracelets/anklets.
7. Once you've decided on placement, pre-drill your holes and then screw in the hooks by hand.
8. If the screw portion of your hooks are slightly protruding out the back as mine were, use some pliers to cut the screw to be level with the back of the board.
9. Stand back and admire! Decorate with your pearls!

I'm Back!

After an incredibly LONG break, in which I finished my degree and found a great job, I am finally ready to continue this blogging thing.

Here are some projects that I have completed:

Another wall hanging using my Cricut

Hand painted wall hanging for our bedroom, using artist canvases and a few pieces of inspiration online.